A downloadable game for Windows

This is an alpha/demo of the multiplayer demonstration multiplayer functionality using Photon networking and a kit from the asset store to connect. Uploaded to demonstrate connectivity, expect updates soon.

Install instructions

NOTE: email registration required to play
This is a PC title so unzip and click on scene file. Click play/best quality and look for "register" on the bottom right. Complete email registration (may be slight delay for autoresponder...) and log on.
You will see a "coming soon - stats" and choolse "Go to Lobby"
Choose a username or use supplied guestname
If no active rooms click on "host room" and select "The Castle" or "The Cottage". Click on Create Room then Start Room and finally "Join to Match".

You should then be able to use the WASD keys to walk around and explore.


NEPS Multiplayer Alpha 138 MB