A downloadable game for Windows

This game is based on the videos @ NeverEndingPrincessStory.com.

There are to be many characters but to start we are using a Fae, a fairy and Brother, a male character.

FAE:  Fly, walk or jump to collect mushrooms and berries. Beware spiders and other monsters. Make sure you watch your health and hunger or you will die !  

BROTHER:  Survive a harsh winter enviroment and hunt/trap and collect points in this open world romp.

These games are "NeverEnding" and has frequent updates. Use itch.io app for latest release. Your support and input is appreciated. Thanks for playing!

Install instructions

Use the itch.io app to get the latest version!

WASD to walk, Shift to speed up
FAE:  Z to fly

Brother Character:  F to ride/climb on horse and most other Vendors, Crafting, etc.


NEPS SinglePlayer 1 GB
Version 18 Jun 05, 2018

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